Active recreation

Experience the active relaxation firsthand, which is guaranteed to recharge you both physically and mentally!

Active recreation can also be a part of relaxation.

We offer the following options to our guests. We kindly ask you if you wish to use any of our services, please let us know in advance by phone or e-mail, in order to plan and run more smoothly.

ur services are available at cost prices. We provide an invoice for each service, the terms of payment are part of an individual agreement. The prices of the services indicated on the website are approximate tariffs, which we are changable within the framework of the individual agreement. Prices are shown as gross costs.

Aktív kikapcsolódás Szendrő
Aktív kikapcsolódás Szendrő
Túra és idegenvezetés Szendrő

Tour guide

Our family is the founder of the local Hiking Department, thanks to which we undertake hiking and guided tours in and around Szendrő.

Those wishing to go further afield can be guided in different parts of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county (Cserehát, Aggtelek Karst, Bükk, Zemplén Mountains) as well as in Slovakia, in Gömör-Tornai-Karst and the Low Tatras. The service includes, as required, route planning, route description, the provision of a qualified tour guide, administrative tasks related to the tour, and organizational tasks.

The qualified guides describe the natural and cultural values, the related historical background, the local curiosities and traditions that can be found on the visited route.

Tour guide fee: 2.000 HUF / hour (on-site disembarkation from Szendrő: 100 HUF / km)

Canoeing, canoe rental

The Rakaca Reservoir is located 6 km from Szendrő, which in our case provides not only bathing, but also canoeing for enterprising guests. Upon request, we provide education and presentation of the necessary basic knowledge before boarding the canoe. Shoveling is still common with novice canoes. Hiking canoes and their equipment (4 canoes for 3 people, 18 canoe paddles, 12 life jackets) can be rented for experienced canoeing. Primarily they can be used in the Rakaca Reservoir, but also in natural and artificial waters around Szendrő on request. The basic condition for using the service is having swimming skills.

Canoe rental fees:

Duration 4 hours 1 day
Number of canoes total (ft) unit price (ft) total (ft) unit price (ft)
1 canoe 5000 5000 7500 7500
2 canoe 9000 4500 11000 5500
3 canoe 12000 4000 13500 4500
4 canoe 14000 3500 16000 4000

Canoe transport fee: From Szendrő to the Rakacai reservoir: 5000 HUF / occasion (individual fee by arrangement to another location).

Kenuzás kenubérlés

Horse Riding

The settlement called Szőlősardó is located 17 km from Szendrő in the fabulous Gömör-Tornai Karst region of the Northern Central Mountains. One local farmer keeps about nine horses and foals in his yard.

They train their horses with some long-distance riding experience and years of touring so that they can give their guests the most comfortable, manageable horses, making their time with them more enjoyable. Not only a couple of hours of riding, but also longer riding tours are possible, of course accompanied by qualified riding instructors.

During riding tours, the participants can visit the following places: a renovated folk house ensemble in Perpupa, the largest book in the world in the Sinpetri watermill, the country house in Jósvafő, the state Hucul stud, the Horthy hunting lodge in Selcepuszta, in the garden of which fallow deer graze, the ruins of Szádvár, the twin shrine church in Tornaszentandrás based on the Hungarian early Christian foundations, the mysterious Hármashegy monastery of the Pauline order and the Árpádian church of Szalonna. An important stop is Aggtelek Baradla Cave, Rákóczi Stalactite Cave in Bódvarákó.


At the Rakaca Reservoir, not only canoes but also fishing lovers can indulge their passion. Fishing is possible by purchasing a daily ticket or an annual ticket. Typical fish in the lake are carp, grass carp, perch, pike, bream and chub.



After a longer or shorter walk and relaxation, the guest returning home to the guest house could not wish for more than a pleasant massage, which means refreshment not only for the body but also for the soul. Massage has become a popular stress relieving and healing method nowadays. It has serious physiological and physiological effects on the whole human body, depending on the type of massage chosen.

Massage can effectively treat diseases and conditions associated with pain, in which medications and analgesics are only suitable for the temporary elimination of symptoms. Our masseur graduated in 1994 from the Physiotherapist Training Department of the SZOTE College of Health. At college, he learned various massage techniques that he has been using in practice for 25 years now.


Wander the area’s attractions by bike, discover nearby or just distant natural treasures on two wheels.

The following bike path map will help you to easily organize your tours:

Bicycle rental: 2.000 HUF / day

Országos kékkör szervizpont
Országos kékkör

Országos Kékkör - Szervizpont

A vendégház az Országos Kékkör Szolgáltatóhálózati Partnerévé vált.

Ez annyit jelent, hogy a vendégházba lehetőség nyílik kerékpár szervizelésére.

A Természetjáró Igazolvánnyal rendelkezők számára ingyenesen tudjuk biztosítani a Kerékpáros műszaki elsősegély csomagot, és az abban rendelkezésünkre bocsátott eszközöket.

Bízunk benne ezen szolgáltatással is számos vendégünknek segítségére tudunk lenni a nálunk töltött idő zavartalan eltöltésében.